• Organic

    At Foodle Noodle, we produced organic rice noodles and vermicelli to comply with an International Standards. We certify to organic EU, USDA, COR and JAS.

  • Gluten Free

    Our facility is certified BRC with module 12 : Gluten Free and allergy management (AOECS). Our main ingredients are organic rice and the rice is gluten free by nature.

  • Food Safety

    Our facility has certified GMP/HACCP and BRCGS version 8. We comply to the food safety standards and we have follow the principles of GMP, HACCP and FSMA.

  • Shop

    An online store is now available for your convenience. (Thailand only)

Organic Pad Thai Rice Noodles & Rice Vermicelli

Foodle Noodle Co., Ltd. international organic and food safety standards manufacturer of organic rice products, rice noodles, and rice vermicelli. Foodle Noodle, organic rice noodles are available in many sizes for many styles of cooking. Not only the Asian dishes, but you can also try your own recipe. These rice noodles are certified by International standards, EU, COR, USDA, and JAS. From organic Thai rice, processing with hygiene and no chemicals certified organic and gluten-free. Our factory certifies GMP/HACCP, BRC Global Standards, and Halal. Our organic rice noodle and rice vermicelli are gluten-free. This is good food for everyone.