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Foodle Noodle’s exhibiting at Natural Products Expo West Virtual Week 2021

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Coming to the Expo West 2021, go virtual week during May 24-27, 2021.

Visit our virtual booth -

Search for DITP and browse to Products & Services, you will find Foodle Noodle. Click to have more information about our company and our organic rice noodles products.

Organic rice noodles, Organic rice vermicelli, Organic instant cup noodles, and more organic and Gluten-Free products at our virtual booth.

Instant TomYum Organic Noodle








If you’re looking for tasty gluten-free noodles with exciting flavor profiles, there’s nothing like Foodle Noodles. Made of carefully selected organic rice, with no vegetable oil used in the process, Foodle Noodles are easy to prepare and eat. They are versatile and available packaged or in bulk. Try them in dishes like Pho, Pad Thai, or Pad Kee Mow, or even Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad. For something quick and filling, convenient soup cups offer whole grain vegan goodness that’s ready in 4 minutes. Traditional Tom Yum, made with all the antioxidant power of turmeric and ginger, is satisfying and delicious. Traditional Thai food, with its complex flavors, has never been simpler.

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About foodlenoodle

Foodle Noodle products were carefully selected raw material, organic rice from organic rice-mill that have organic certificate. Our production facility obtained GMP/HACCP certification from Moody International (Thailand) in year 2010.

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