Organic Turmeric Rice Noodles

Foodle Noodle Organic Turmeric Rice Noodles

organic turmeric rice noodles

Super Food Organic Turmeric Rice Noodles

Foodle Noodle organic turmeric rice noodles are made of organic rice and organic turmeric powder, certified by an international organic standard. Traditional processes are used, no chemical, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Turmeric has many medicinal properties to health such as prevent cancer and cure inflammable digestion organs. Our rice noodles have fiber, vitamin B, calcium, iron, and minerals. It is great for soup, stir-fried, and fusion foods styling. If you are looking for noodles with healthy and nutritious food. Foodle Noodle is the best choice that you should not be overlooked.

Packing / Size: 12 Bags x 220 G.
Packaging: Laminated Plastic Bag
Brand: Foodle Noodle