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Organic Pad Thai – Organic Rice Noodles – Organic Rice Vermicelli – How Foodle Noodle Becomes Organic Production?

Foodle Noodle Co., Ltd. was established from a small rice noodles manufacture on the border of Bangkok, located in Pathum Thani. With the idea of making high food safety standards of dried rice noodles for export. After we had started the business, we had seen that we could do better to avoid all chemicals and processing aids in the production process. That was not easy and challenging a lot to produce rice noodles without preservatives and processing aids in large production scales.

Until we found our organic rice that was the best quality for the organic rice noodles production, we were successfully manufacturing organic rice noodles on the large scale with special developed know-how. We had expanded the production areas and set up the Foodle Noodle Company.


Foodle Noodle

Foodle Noodle


Vision & Mission

“Make better Thai’s organic healthy food for the world”

Organic Standards & Food Safety

Foodle Noodle Co., Ltd. is certified by international organic standards, EU, COR, USDA, and JAS. We also certified food safety standards for hygiene and safety for food manufacture, GMP/HACCP, BRC version 8, Halal, Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free, and so on.










Foodle Noodle Organic Trials

Foodle Noodle Co., Ltd. found on December 3, 2013, as an organic rice noodle manufacturer with the primary goal of producing organic rice products, and are beneficial to customers and consumers.

2011 Established a conventional rice noodle manufacturer in Lam Luk Ka, Pathum Thani (800 sq. meters)
2012 Develop organic rice noodles products
2013 Set up a new company name, Foodle Noodle Co., Ltd., and revolution into 100% organic manufacturer.
2014 Move to a new plant in Thanyaburi, Pathum Thani (1,400 sq. meters)
2017 Expand facility area (2,800 sq. meters) with the organic rice noodles and rice vermicelli production lines.

We produce organic products and cooperate with a large group of rice farmers, give knowledge about organic farming, supporting organic agriculture. We buy various products from farmers at a premium price than the market. We develop the supply chain and enhance the well-being of our organic brothers and sisters in our network for better living and sustainable communities.

Wide rice noodle is very popular among Asian people. Thai people call ‘Sen Yai’ a thin wide flat rice noodle. It is the main ingredient for many menus such as ‘Sen Yai Pad See Ew’ – Stir Fry Wide Rice Noodle with Black Soy Sauce. Pad See Ew is a delicious Thai dish, with an easy recipe wok noodle can be served at home.