Noodle Story

Noodle is widely famous all over the world since every country has its own recipes for noodle.  History of noodle was likely begin long time ago, from China and pass along generation to various regions over the world.

Foodle Noodle intends to deliver rice noodle and instant noodle soup or stir-fried for noodle lovers who also care about healthy and desire oriental taste.

It is true that rice noodle is one of main dish throughout the world for a long time.  The advantages of noodle dishes are easy to prepare and consume, various recipes, adaptable to international tastes and culture.   Not only good taste, but noodle dish also has good nutrition such as carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, mineral and good source of dietary fiber.

Our rice noodle is gluten-free, it is good for people who prefer the favor of rice or people who are sensitive to gluten, a substance found in wheat.

Foodle Noodle searches organic rice farm to create an organic rice noodle, 100% Organic Rice, non GMO, No Preservative and Chemical, organic process certified by IFOAM.