Noodle Story

Foodle Noodle Co., Ltd., established in 2013. We searched many provinces to find organic raw materials. Finding and signing organic rice farming contracts, buying and support Thai farmers to grow organic rice. We were very excited about the new organic business. It was a challenge and a wonderful task. We follow the organic principles and developed rice noodles from organic rice without any chemicals and no processing aids or preservatives. We sold our organic rice noodles in organic markets, selling in supermarkets, and export them to many countries. It took a long time to develop but it is always in my memories. It is your choice to buy our products to distribute or resell or cooking at home.

In 2011, we set up a conventional rice noodles factory. We had 1 production line for dried rice noodles for export to the USA. According to the quality system and HACCP, we controlled chemicals using in the process by ourselves but we couldn╩╝t control pesticides and insecticides used in the farms. We tested for pesticides residue in the raw materials but the results were not acceptable. We kept searching so many sources for rice to be used in the production but we almost closed down the factory. We searched until we had found the organic rice, high quality and we developed and tested the organic production of rice noodles, failure and defective outcome over and over. We could produce organic rice noodles and certified organic standards IFOAM in 2011 for the first time and EU, COR, USDA in 2012. Company Background Foodle Noodle Co., Ltd. was established on December 3, 2013, as a result of the change from conventional rice noodle factories to produce organic foods from Organic Thai rice. The company aims to produce and certify organic with international standards for both domestic and export markets. Starting with organic rice noodle products, available in some department stores and supermarkets that focusing on healthy food and safe foods from chemical contamination. In the beginning, we began to export to European countries and then expand to many countries around the world.

We turned to 100% organic production and we transformed organic rice to organic white rice noodles, certified by Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand (ACT.) In the beginning, we only produced white rice noodle. We started by selling in local organic markets in the heart of Bangkok areas. Our products had a good response from the consumers in Bangkok and we have their requirements for the next project. They were asking for more health benefits from differents of ingredients such as brown rice, red rice, and black rice (rice berry). Foodle Noodle did not wait and started to produce organic rice noodles from many kinds of rice. Once we had all 4 rice noodles from white rice, brown rice, red jasmine rice, and black rice or rice berry. Foodle Noodle joined the organic market by cooking Pad Thai, a fantastic healthy dish using all ingredients from the organic sellers in the markets to serve Pad Thai to the organic shopper who walked in the markets. Whereupon Foodle Noodle can be selling in Supermarkets and department stores in Thailand.

Foodle Noodle and Organic Rice Farming Seeking the organic suppliers for organic rice in Thailand in 2013-2014 was not easy. We had learned the way Thai farmers do in their rice fields. Many chemicals fertilizers, insecticides, and hormones were used and they were doing for a long time. To change their mindsets to organically rice farming was difficult and did not believe in organic farming principles could find them some sustainability in doing organic farming. With the help and support from many experts in organic farming, we had been in the role of the large organic rice buyers with their organizations and continuous contracts farming for rice from 2013 to the present. Over 2,400 families are growing organic rice on more than 23,000 acres of land.